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    Exclamation Volunteering.....

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    We Inspire strive to support underprivileged communities by offering responsible, ethical and eco-friendly voluntary work for individuals and groups wanting to make a difference on a career break or gap year abroad.

    We work closely with non-government organisations, charities and other community based organisations to identify development issues in overseas communities and to coordinate effective volunteer programmes to address these in a sustainable way.

    At Inspire we recognise that every volunteer has their own interests, skills and experience and we believe that volunteering work is of greatest value when aligned with these. By getting to know our volunteers, we can place them in communities where they can have greatest impact, making their experience infinitely more rewarding and worthwhile.

    Through volunteer teaching, business development, childcare volunteering and conservation volunteering, Inspire volunteers can address specific issues while contributing to long-term development goals.

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    Remember to keep track of Volunteer Time

    MyTimePro.com is a Patent Pending application portal provided “absolutely free” to the Volunteer Community for recording their academic and extra curricular activities from High School onwards. Our unique system makes it easy for students to get their activities verified for volunteer activities, part-time jobs, academic, sports, and all types of extra curricular activities. These activity records are time-stamped. Records are kept for a period of 5 years and summarized for the life of the user’s accounts.

    With a simple registration process consisting of just a name and email address, members can start entering all their activities at MyTimePro dot com and get summarized and detailed reports, when they are ready for the College Admission process or job applications or grants. You can see these sample reports on our portal. A mobile phone version of this portal is available at mytimepro dot mobi, which will help students to record activities even when they are not in front of the computer.

    MyTimePro Reports verify personal interests, motivations, and documented dedication to showcase activities and make you and your organization stand out.

    Kathy Kris
    Director of Media Relations
    MyTimePro, Inc.

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    Seems like a good idea.

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