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    Question B6/B12 Deficiency & Methylmalonate levels

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    I had the following notes written on the margins of my Kaplan Biochemistry:

    In B6 Deficiency: you will have increased homocysteine, increased methionine and increased methylmalonate levels

    In B12 Deficiency: you will have increased homocysteine, decreased methionine and decreased methylmalonate levels

    I was reviewing it now and I understand the reason for the homocysteine and methionine levels in both deficiencies but I don't seem to understand why there is an increase in methylmalonate levels in B6 def. and a decrease in B12 def. (I thought it would be the opposite in both deficiencies)

    Can anybody explain why this is so....or did I just make a mistake in my notes?

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    IN B6 defficiency no decease in methymalonate as propionyl coa is present. in b12 it increase

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