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    Post how to get admitted into MBBS porgramme in australia

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    dear friends ,
    i am doing my MBBS second year in a medical university in china but i am not satisfied here i want to know whether i can continue my medicine in australia or any other countries and want to know about the procedure if i can

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    I'm afraid to be the bearer of not-so-good news, but it will be just about impossible to transfer into Medicine in Australia, let alone transfering credit from your previous study.
    Unless your an Australian citizen with significent reasons to come back to Australia (ie Immediate family ill/passed away/etc), there isn't really any chance. You may want to try going to New Zealand, who are a lot more relaxed with admissions, but in either case, you might as well apply as a new student and start at the bottom (in NZ being first year Health Science + UMAT + interview).

    Hoped if I helped :P

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