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    cost of living per day

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    For all you island veterans, how much per day per person is the cost of living, like for food, gas and what ever else you may need??

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    Varies so widely depending on your lifestyle and preferences that a response won't help much unless you tell us how you like to live. Also this would probably be better in the non-classified section of AUC.

    I am on a strict budget where i buy a meal out less than once a week, filter water rather than buying bottles, etc. I don't drive that much. I spend about $6/day on food/drink supplies, about $1/day on gas (about $30/month) and my "entertainment" budget is usually like $75/month. I don't lease I car bought an old used one so insurance and plates/registration works out to ~$40/mo.

    That said I know of plenty of students here that buy a couple of fancy little coffee or similar drinks for at least $7/day, eat at least lunch and dinner out every day at >$10 per meal (say about $25/day) and on the weekends spend a good $200/wk or more on drinks, gambling, other "entertainment" etc. It is not too hard to find some people on a "wild" or expensive night that spend more than others in an entire month.

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