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  1. American University of Antigua College of Medicine?
  2. Is the American University of Antigua a good college ?
  3. Should I attend Medical School in Greece??? HELP?
  4. For AUA officials
  5. Any Chance at AUA with less than 3.0 GPA? Plz reply.
  6. What are my chance of getting into a med school?
  7. Toyota Alteeza for sale. Excellent Condition
  8. With the end finally in sight...
  9. Car For Sale Serious Inquiries Only
  10. cars available now
  11. Acceptance rate post-interview?
  12. is acceptance possible?
  13. Can someone please tell me which books do I need the first semester in AUA?
  14. aua email
  15. Financing AUA/Other Questions
  16. Questions after the interview
  17. Upper Level Bio classes!!!
  18. Upper Level Bio classes!!!
  19. Paying for BSEP??
  20. Wanna buy a car
  21. Kaplan Qbank or Uworld for COMP
  22. Radiology Residents Caught Cheating on Board Exam-CNN
  23. REALLY CONFUSED about how to ensure I can apply for residency in CA?
  24. Any AUA Students Participate in MMA, BJJ, Judo, Etc?? Starting a Club?
  25. shelf questions, dissections, attrition rate, and island life?
  26. Housing Waiver Help PLEASE
  27. Considering AUA
  28. Biochem before AUA?
  29. Corruption at Wyckoff
  30. AUA called me to set up interview...
  31. What was your best and worst semester at AUA and Why?
  32. Anyone starting 5th semester in Jan 2012 and looking for housing/roomates?
  33. do not stay at Ruth's place!
  34. Match 2012
  35. Any Updates on Rotations in California???
  36. Trying to Buy your own car?
  37. Submitting MCAT scores
  38. Issues with no MCAT?
  39. Any issues with administration?
  40. What are my chances?
  41. new curriculum opinions, pls comment!
  42. August 2012 Class
  43. Updates?
  44. room for rent available on Staten Island, NY
  45. Step 1 schedule
  46. Step ! Schedule
  47. BSEP Jan 2012
  48. MSJMC Internship Stipend
  49. Does it count against you during admissions, if your spouse is already an MD?
  50. UMHS or St. James? Your unbiased input would be highly appreciated
  51. Step 1 Review, 5th Semester
  52. What to expect during rotations?
  53. SJB is back with LCME??
  54. room for rent Staten Island
  55. Any AUA bloggers?
  56. Re: Approx Wait Time to start rotations after step 1?
  57. tution increasing?
  58. AUA students who have matched in Anesthesiology
  59. Official february 2012 med 1 post
  60. Incoming Med 1 Students for Winter 2012
  61. Newly Renovated 2 bedrooms townhouse apartment 4 minutes away from school
  62. fact of the career: you will never be able to stop studying
  63. What is the total cost for attending AUA for all for years tuition + living expenses
  64. AUA class of Feb 2012 Facebook Page is up..Join
  65. Looking for a bike (motorcycle)
  66. February 2012
  67. Pre-reqs for Medical School
  68. F visa for clinical rotations
  69. Rumc
  70. Clinical Rotation Question
  71. How long before SJB status becomes know at the embassy
  72. help with chances at AUA
  73. Remedial?
  74. how much truth is there to this
  75. Basic Sciences
  76. BOLM Transfer & Registration Agent
  77. how to pay for AUA. any ideas?
  78. SJB loses LCME
  79. studying for Neuro
  80. AUA in person interview
  81. Spouse Club at AUA?
  82. Loans and the new grading system
  83. Those of you in the new curriculum - how do you like it?? What are your impressions?
  84. Just took Step 1 now what...
  85. Need Advice: Admission to Plymouth State University MBA program and FAFSA
  86. Acceptance for February 2012
  87. Retakes, etc
  88. Took some COMMUNITY COLLEGE CLASSES and afraid they wont weigh as heavy as a state U.
  89. Residency Advice
  90. Beware of Ruth's place
  91. Skype Interview Questions?
  92. Any Feb 2012 Applicants from the Midwest??
  93. Competitiveness
  94. Residency Interviews
  95. Professional suggestion/help needed please
  96. January 2012
  97. How Many Weeks of Electives do you have to complete
  98. Can you do this, is this possible ?
  99. 2nd semester classes
  100. attrition rate
  101. Avoid Liat Airlines at all costs
  102. Am i competitive enough for AUA, SMU, SJMU, MUA
  103. Rotations in Cali????
  104. Transfer from Ross
  105. Bank of Lake Mills Question
  106. Possible aua student questions!
  107. Fyi, cali updated their list w/ aua on it.
  108. Interview ; need advice
  109. The official vote from student counsil
  110. Federal Aid
  111. where can I go to unlock my cellphone
  112. Brand New Unlocked Apple iphone 4G 32GB...$350USD
  113. COMP structure
  114. New curriculum/syllabus
  115. Title IV
  116. Grades needed to get in
  117. cell phone service
  118. Pre-Med to MD
  119. AUA has NEW grading system
  120. Transfer to AUA help!
  121. Plymouth State Online MBA program books?
  122. Usmle Step 2 CS
  123. Where can I go for a good guy hair on the island?
  124. Looks Like DeVry is expanding its footprint in the Caribbean with the purchase of AUC
  125. The Cost of Stafford Loans is Going Up
  126. Indian Food NOW AVAILABLE in Antigua!!!
  127. Aua med prep program
  128. What to expect for 4th semester?
  129. Just Blazed some good dank
  130. Financial Aid--what did you guys do?
  131. California approval re: AUA means all 50 states are approved?
  132. Housing for transfer students
  133. California has arrived
  134. AUA is California Approved
  135. NY clinical sites commentary--5th sem
  136. Canadians - visa
  137. bus route
  138. Does anyone know what the two semester curriculum actually is?
  139. Clinical Rotations @ AUA
  140. FAILED MERP, what are my chances at AUA?
  141. white coat ceremony
  142. 2 semester curriculum model vs. tri-semester model?
  143. When will the loan be certify?
  144. AUA 5th semester crap !
  145. decision time!!!!
  146. Hurricane Tracking Sites
  147. microbiology vs. Anatomy & Phsiology
  148. New curriculum
  149. AUA- Warning
  150. AUA or SJSM, please help me out please!
  151. anyone from ny??
  152. book list
  153. Getting items shipped to AUA
  154. Whats the deal with info about housing and loans?
  155. Pets in AUA
  156. Macbook compatible on campus?
  157. AUA Spring 2012
  158. Question regarding long-term car rental in Antigua
  159. Retake classes for AUA
  160. Any Saba transfers at AUA??
  161. Does it Matter what PHYSICS i have taken, in regards to pre-reqs?
  162. AUA or UMHS
  163. Hodges Bay (Jabberwok) accomodation
  164. AUA Fail Rate
  165. Campus complaints...
  166. tuning fork
  167. House and apartment in Hodges Bay
  168. Costs for Lime AUA prepaid plans?
  169. Loan Help Please reply...........................
  170. Attention current AUA students and recent grads
  171. Match 2013/2014?
  172. August Med-1 Students - When Are You Arriving?
  173. Important: State Approvals
  174. JPH rotations with time to study! help!
  175. looking for non-school housing
  176. Fall 2011 transfer students
  177. Refresher Courses
  178. What is the gym on campus like at AUA??
  179. mini 2
  180. Timeline
  181. Best stethoscope
  182. loans
  183. AUA/KMCIC Questions..
  184. how much chemistry is really involved in Med school?
  185. No more US Clinicals for Non-US Citizens?
  186. any transfers students for august semester?
  187. we lost miami and wyckoff
  188. Used books for MD Sem 1
  189. Does ANATOMY and Physiology count as my Bio requirements?
  190. IMG friendly hospitals
  191. book list and housing assignment
  192. people from mississippi
  193. 1st semester
  194. Housing Photos
  195. Attention new College of Medicine Students
  196. Vietnamese med students at AUA.
  197. Fall first semester Married with kids needs advice
  198. Need to do acls
  199. Car Insurance
  200. car needed!!!
  201. Medical Instruments?
  202. AUA GPA criteria and acceptance rate
  203. did not finish undergrad, should I not go to AUA if accepted?
  204. Considering AUA as an option....need some help
  205. Two Academic Dishonesty Violations .... Any shot?
  206. Rotation Waiting Period
  207. Passing grade at AUA?
  208. Transfer student with questions
  209. AUA or MUA
  210. Aua accreditation
  211. Attending AUA this August! Help with Loans?
  212. AUA Tuition Increase
  213. Magic Jack or Skype
  214. New Website is Awesome (auamed.org)
  215. How to Pass the Comp?
  216. The Island of Antigua
  217. New Information on These Schools
  218. HELP! Just applied! 2011~
  219. Grading Scale
  220. Premed Schedule
  221. Immuno
  222. Basic Science books August 2011
  223. Live USMLE Step 1 Course - Toronto
  224. Questions about life at AUA
  225. Comp Score to Pass
  226. Clinical Situation and Starting Residency On Time?
  227. Booklist for August 2011
  228. advice
  229. Looking for Textbooks for Basic Science Enhancement Semester
  230. I would really appreciate your opinion...
  231. To anyone who uses the AUA Fitness gym, can you please post your workout plan.
  232. Anyone in Antigua with seasonal allergies?
  233. Applying to AUA
  234. KIngsbrook Jewish Medical Center
  235. Student Visa for Med5 rotation
  236. If YOU had to do it all OVER,what would you do Differently?
  237. Anyone from Jamaica
  238. Loan situation at aua?
  239. AUA Residency Results for 2011
  240. Does AUA require Mcat for US citizens and does anatomy and physiology count as Bio
  241. Bank of lake milll
  242. Problem Solved
  243. Will there be a tuition increase?
  244. Improvement seen
  245. sorry
  246. Housing is a SCAM at AUA
  247. ECFMG certification
  248. Regarding some IMPORTANT information about AUA
  249. Regarding admssion to AUA
  250. Information Seminar - NYC March 12th

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