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  1. Transfer
  2. 4 year MD program accepted students for 2014/2015 entry (meeting point)
  3. Got into 5DMD 2014 (About skype exam & overall staff)
  4. Year 14/15 MUL
  5. 6 yr Lodz just had Skype interview!!!!
  6. 4 year MD program skype entrance exam
  7. 4 year vs 6 year
  8. General Lodz advice
  9. National Medical Exams
  10. Lodz vs Lublin
  11. On my 2nd year of the 4 year MD program at MUL
  12. Reputation of MUL?
  13. Problem with racism in Lodz for Arab and any brown/black skinned students!!
  14. DMD students
  15. school leaving certificate in canada?
  16. Renting a place in Lodz
  17. Dentistry - Medical University of Lodz vs Medical University of Szczecin
  18. Seats available!!
  19. Lodz med school vs Warsaw med school $yr MD program
  20. 5 yr DMD 2013
  21. Dentistry 2013/2014
  22. Questions regarding six yr application, interview email, & skype/entrance exam
  23. Questions about the SKYPE interview
  24. chances?
  25. June 10th 2013 On-line Open Day
  26. Please which loan is available for medical university of Warsam? i am a US citizen
  27. Lodz Skype Interview Help
  28. skype entrance exam interview for 4 yr MD program
  29. Question about the 6-MD program
  30. UK students in Lodz?Can you practice in the UK with a 4 year programme from Lodz?
  31. My chances of being accepted
  32. Skype interview
  33. Lost of loans?
  34. 4yr MD program 2012 students!
  35. Ok Because Arguments Confuse Me Really , To Sum It Up Which Is Better Lodz Or Wroclaw
  36. Alright That Is It
  37. Which US States Approve Lodz 6 Year MD Program In English
  38. Please Help , I Just Got Admitted In Lodz Medical University English Program For 2012
  39. Which Is Better Wroclaw Medical University Or Lodz ?
  40. I Just Got Accepted Iin Lodz 6 Year MD Program & I Have Some Inquiries
  41. THE OFFICIAL: What supplies should I purchase as a first year MD student?
  42. What is the admission percentage/rate at Lodz?
  43. Applied to 6 year program at Lodz, just had my interview
  44. Can you make a comparison between Jagiellonian and Lodz?
  45. Can I do my clinical rotations in Canada or the U.S. if I join Lodz?
  46. Is anybody applying for 2012 or had applied before?
  47. How to get clinical rotations in US!!! (4-year program)
  48. Apartment for rent close to Wyckoff Hospital
  49. 4-year MD students starting in 2011 (5/6-year MD welcome as well)
  50. Any Canadian students at LODZ??
  51. Medical Books [for sale]
  52. For the students attending this university
  53. Just accepted and have a question... :)
  54. 4-year program in medicine - Interview
  55. are there any indian students in lodz or are going to apply
  56. Looking for an Israeli medical student !!!
  57. Summer practice in LODZ
  58. Racism in Lodz against brown or black skinned students is at epidemic levels!!!!!!!!!
  59. can i get in?
  60. New Students 4MD 2010
  61. Did anyone get an email about federal loan cancellation?
  62. Lodz...
  63. Any UK students hoping to be at lodz this year
  64. Any UK students hoping to be at lodz this year
  65. Accommodation in lodz
  66. Muslim students at the Medical University of Lodz
  67. Overseas clinical rotations at MUL - very confused
  68. Tuition Cost?
  69. Transfer to Lodz
  70. clinical rotation
  71. What are my chances of getting in to Lodz?
  72. 6MD 1st year course information??
  73. I got accepted what do I do next.
  74. 4 Year MD in Poland - Reccomendations for a prep basic sciences crash course PLS
  75. Phone interview at Lodz Uni??
  76. Application process? From usa?
  77. MUL Grad w/ US Residency
  78. what is needed to get in?
  79. Dental School - Loan
  80. 4 yr MD at lodz
  81. loking for an Study Agency or somebody who can get admission from the Universities
  82. Applying to MUL
  83. If you have any questions concerning MUL
  84. Answers from a current MUL student
  85. graduation
  86. So there is no one who is doing rotations in the us?
  87. Any one who is doing rotations in the us?
  88. Lodz interviews
  89. If you have questions about lodz this may help
  90. To All CURRENT Lodz Students
  91. U Lodz - Cali recognized??
  92. Q
  93. Private Loans
  94. Books
  95. Any new news from lodz? feedback from current students?
  96. Dentistry in Lodz
  97. Medical University of Lodz: Use AIM or not?
  98. Alliance Institute of Medicine-University of Lodz
  99. Question for Lodz STUDENTS ONLY
  100. Lodz for foreign students
  101. Any word from students in Lodz so far '07?
  102. Lodz Fall 2007 Housing
  103. Interview process for Medical university of Lodz
  104. Age in 6 yr program @ Lodz
  105. Rotations Lodz
  106. sint eustatius medical school vs lodz
  107. take a look at this if u plan to go Lodz med
  108. Medical University of Lodz......To Be Or Not To Be???!!!!!
  109. Medical University of Lodz Residency
  110. Lodz interview and Fall '07
  111. Apartments in Lodz
  112. Visiting Lodz??
  113. want to know everything Med U of Lodz
  114. Canadian students at Medical University of Lodz
  115. Canadian students at Medical University of Lodz
  116. Medical Uni Of lodz
  117. to future or current Lodz medical students
  118. Medical University of Lodz in Poland
  119. Lodz
  120. Lodz
  121. Anybody from Europe heading for Lodz??
  122. Lodz
  123. English Program LODZ
  124. Lodz?
  125. Anyone currently in Lodz?
  126. Lodz MD 4 year program
  127. Any Info about Lodz?
  128. Medical University of Lodz, answers needed from current students!
  129. How about that be accepted percent in Lodz in Poland?
  131. LODZ????
  132. Anyone know what the tuition cost is for LODZ?
  133. Lodz: are most ppl passing the usmle? how are clinical comin
  134. LODZ: anyone matched yet?
  135. Shipping to Lodz
  136. Any 1st yr books I don't need to buy @ Lodz?
  137. Lodz: Lectures Notes
  139. Who's Going to Lodz?
  140. is somebody know about lodz?
  141. To all those attending or considering Lodz Medical School in
  142. Lodz Question!
  143. Lodz in October ?
  144. Who's into 4-year MD Lodz program?
  145. Official Medical University of Lodz english web page
  146. Lodz University
  147. lodz medical program
  148. Medical University of Lodz

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