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  1. Residency/Specialization
  2. International Medical Graduate applying for F1/F2 in UK
  3. On the Quest for Answers on Ireland Medical Schools
  4. Best Medical School in UK
  5. Anyone going overseas and not making it (back)?
  6. US federal loans for UK med schools
  7. 22 Mcat 3.7 GPA - what are my chances/options
  8. INTO SGUL vs. AB UCC?
  9. Residency in England
  10. Any upgrading courses in ireland
  11. 2.2 +masters degree ??..can i get into Any of the European universities ?
  12. An American in the UK
  13. Have any UK student gone into medicine via medlinkstudents.com ?
  14. Residency Training in Ireland and Germany
  15. Irish medical school's requirements
  16. chances of getting in any irish school
  17. i wanna know PRE MED PROGRAMES IN LONDON and nothinghamm
  18. Buckingham University Medical School
  19. Dentistry in Ireland
  20. Students forced to study abroad
  21. Free medical schools in Germany
  22. UKCAT Preparation
  23. Newcastle medical school
  24. Ireland: EU family member from EU med school
  25. clinical observership in ireland?
  26. Any UK or Irish Univ that only look at CV ?
  27. SHO job interview
  28. 2013 Medicine applicants wanted...
  29. Summer practice
  30. US Graduate Student Wanting to Study in the UK
  31. Irish Med Chances??
  32. Clinical Observership in the U.S
  33. St George's Medical School is ranked as the worst medical school in the UK ?
  34. INTO St George's, University of London VS University of Queensland Ochsner
  35. Interested in attending Med Schools in UK and Ireland
  36. Questions regarding fees funding acceptance.
  37. Doing specialist training in UK/Ireland after RCSI
  38. Post graduate work in the UK
  39. An Irish (UCD) Graduate's Experience with the "Atlantic Bridge"
  40. medical slangs?!
  41. Paying For Irish Schools
  42. Paying For Irish Schools
  43. Medical school in Ireland
  44. Ireland Internship
  45. Carribean med school vs Australian/NewZealand
  46. When do people normally take the BMAT & UKCAT? And what prep books are helpful?
  47. Student loans for "overseas/international students" (NOT UK or EU residence)?
  48. Residency in UK Recognized by Canada?
  49. Abp
  50. Irish schools admission-
  51. Do the Irish schools deserve their rampant tuitions? If yes, how? .. and a document..
  52. Canadian going to Irish Medical Schools
  53. How much stipend do residents earn while doing their post graduation in the UK?
  54. My daughter has failed 2nd year med school
  55. hi
  56. ireland schools
  57. RCSI twinning programs.
  58. What are the best British medical schools?
  59. rcsi waitlist
  60. EU Nurse, wanting to study medicin in UK!! What are my chance?
  61. Want to study medicine in UK and need information please :)
  62. Medicine Foundation Year at UCC, Ireland
  63. Financing Irish medical education?
  64. Evaluating Exam! Revision help needed
  65. RCSI interview & More
  66. A few quick questions regarding four year Irish MD programs
  67. NUI Galway - Your Experiences??
  68. Competitive for Irish Schools ???
  69. Jewish medical ethics summer program
  70. Uk or USA?
  71. can a non eu IMG is eligible for internship in ireland
  72. Life after failing med school in the UK
  73. Pre-Medicine in Ireland
  74. Quick question about graduate entry, please help?
  75. PreMed in Ireland
  76. ABP App Question
  77. where can i continue after pre med in Europe or elsewhere ?!
  78. UCC Medicine starting 2010
  79. Suicide Rate And Harassment In Irish Universities
  80. Any Americans attending in UK or Ireland?
  81. Percentage of students that graduate
  82. uk citizen, us resident, us educated, wants uk residency
  83. Dress code in Irish hospitals
  84. 2010 entering class RCSI GEP thread !
  85. Trinity College Dublin
  86. PLEASE PLEASE please help with UK medical schools.
  87. Chances of studying medicine post pharmacy degree
  88. Anyone enrolled in RCSI Bahrain
  89. PreMed and a pathway
  90. American Qualifications for UK Med School- Help!
  91. Average Age in UK and Irish Schools/ Mature Students
  92. Dual Citizenships US/ Polish
  93. did anyone apply to ABP for the march deadline?
  94. a chance in irish schools? canadian student!!
  95. University of Limerick Interview
  96. Brits going to Poland...
  97. Peculiar Situation- would very much appreciate your insight
  98. Non-EU residents to find it harder to do studies in ireland
  99. How hard is it to get into an Irish School
  100. 6 year medical programs in Ireland/UK..Need help!
  101. England Medical Schools? PLEASE HELP!
  102. Did you take the USMLE in Dublin?
  103. Hi
  104. Hello everybody
  105. Wondering which Irish schools to apply to...
  106. Hello, I'm kind of new here; could you please help?
  107. Medical research scholarship in UK??
  108. first year of med school in Ireland
  109. RCSI 1-year exemption
  110. Oxford University
  111. Master's Degree For Admisson
  112. UK GEP school or Carribean/DO?
  113. RCSI vs HKU
  114. School Requirements?
  115. American wanting to go to UK/Ireland and LIVE there.
  116. Used Books for Limerick 1st Year
  117. Negotiating Oz/Irish application schedules?
  118. Helpp!
  119. Canadians Going to Limerick?
  120. Timing for Canadians
  121. Question about RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons)
  122. Do yourself a favor and avoid St George's London (SGUL/SGHMS)
  123. Ireland 6 year program
  124. transfer from uk to ireland
  125. UCD grad med
  126. transfer from a uk medical school
  127. Possible to transfer from Eastern European University to one in Ireland?
  128. Medical schools in england ?
  129. American Student that wants to go to med school in England or Ireland
  130. Canadian Student wanting to attend med school in Ireland
  131. Getting married: Transferring medical schools, Canada to UK
  132. Immigration blunder may force foreign doctors to leave
  133. Transfer to Euro scool need help
  134. is there electives in february ??
  135. info wanted regarding new program
  136. asking for information about PLAB exams
  137. RCSI Fees
  138. From Sweden, wants to reply in 2 year
  139. university of buckingham
  140. Challenge to selection system fails (Ireland)
  141. RCSI-STAT's
  142. Royal College of Surgeons the only Ireland school that offers a 4 year MD?
  143. Benjamins
  144. January '09?
  145. Wrong post
  146. NEED HELP on Irish or St.Matthews Med School
  147. Cardiac Surgery Specialization in England
  148. Residency in Ireland
  149. UCAS clearing
  150. graduate entry in ireland
  151. Trinity and Galway Schools
  152. What is up with University of Limerick?
  153. low undergrad, 4.0 MS Molecular Medicine, 39 MCAT
  154. Waiting acceptance from Ireland
  155. 5 years programs in UK
  156. No training for non-EU graduates
  157. Will four year MD programs via Atlanic Bridge open up for international students?
  158. Gamsat Revsion Notes For Sale
  159. Trinity in Dublin
  160. please help me
  161. Help Needed!
  162. Ireland
  163. Why Ireland?
  164. Need Help!!! A Canadian wants to practice in Canada but study in Europe...
  165. Royal College..
  166. MED schools in ireland
  167. Applying to ABP
  168. Atlantic Bridge Program
  169. UK university applicants 2007/8
  170. British Medical Schools
  171. i need guidence about process and preparation of the PLAB exam
  172. i need guidence about process and preparation of the PLAB exam
  173. interested in medical science
  174. australian student+ireland
  175. Any Irish people applying for GEP?
  176. GMC to probe competence of foreign doctors
  177. Employment prospects/PLAB in the UK for IMG's
  178. Admission to UK & Irish Med School
  179. best medical school in England?
  180. England or Caribbean?
  181. High School student needs help
  182. UK med students matching in Canada?
  183. Criteria to Fulfill for working in the Ireland/UK
  184. Help with england system!
  185. Questions about the atmosphere of medical school
  186. EXTREME HELP NEEDED.. PreMed in Cork, ireland
  187. To all North Americans at Irish Medical Schools...
  188. UK Medical School for US citizen
  189. how dificult is the english medical programme at comenius bratislava?
  190. Hello, Ireland
  191. Rcsi Gep 2006 Interviews?
  192. Medical Schools In Ireland
  193. Rcsi Dublin?
  194. Med schools in Ireland
  195. Practicing Medicine in Ireland?
  196. Ireland To Australia
  197. Medical students - Points deny those with true calling (Ireland)
  198. About Ireland and the UK, where on ValueMD do we go to post?
  199. Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland)
  200. Interview for Irish Medical School
  201. Lure of studying in Ireland
  202. Re: Royal college of surgeons
  203. info for Ireland med schools anybody? please??
  204. applying to Ireland
  205. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - paying the fees
  206. Tuition in Ireland?? anyone know?
  207. Any Canadians attending or graduated from University College
  208. royal college of surgeons in ireland
  209. Can anyone tell me about trinity college in Dublin
  210. Good and Bad of Irish Schools
  211. Royal College of Surgeons

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