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Thread: Step ! Schedule

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    Step ! Schedule

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    Hey guys, I'm about to sit for my comp and begin studying for step 1. Ive done a search on the site for advice, but a lot of is old and may be outdated, and I was looking for current advice. As you may know, we are currently required to attend falcon, a 8 week program, and 6 weeks of self study, which in an ideal world, gives one around 14 weeks of studying for step 1, which should be plenty if we would like to take it before 5th semester hospital rotations began. My questions are to people who took it, should I mainly just focus on First Aid and uworld qbank. Also, I've heard differing opinions from people on when one should start using uworld. Some people have said that you should save it for right before the exam, about a month out, and others have told me to simply use that everyday and try to get through it twice, and no other qbank is really needed after that. Thanks, just wanting to hear back from people on there experiences..

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    my 2 cents..

    check ur email dude !

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