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Thread: fact of the career: you will never be able to stop studying

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    fact of the career: you will never be able to stop studying

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    well, unless you want to be a horrible doctor.

    count on studying daily for at least 10 years after graduating medical school.
    i can't even comment at this point if you are interested in a fellowship

    there's way too much information to know in order to be a 'good' attending physician, much more than what you learn in medical school and residency. hell, i don't even think i'll be comfortable making MD decisions for at least a few more years.

    i've sorta been slacking in the first few months of residency, seeing how much i can practice with the knowledge base i have. don't get me wrong, i've studied a ton, but not nearly what i did in medical school (i.e. before board prep) and certainly not what i'm capable of.

    i realized that i'm going to be studying daily for a long time today, and it's just another thing you should know before starting med school and if you're currently in med school.

    [X] PGY-3 Chief Medical Resident

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    what if you've never actually started studying before?

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    Let me preface this by saying, yes i agree with you, you have keep studying for a long time if you want to be a good physician

    However, it bothers me that people in medicine think that they are the only ones who are working hard. If you want a successful career in any other field these days you have to work hard, keeping hours that extend way past 9-5. Everyone works hard, at least its fairly clear for us to know what we have to do to excel at our jobs. Imagine having an office job doing "projects" with the hopes of impressing to the subjective expectations of some obnoxious boss. That sounds a lot worse to me than reading journals and refreshing my knowledge

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